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On Entering Eternity

On Entering Eternity 

If you have ever wondered what, if anything, lies ahead for us in the next life, then this is the website for you.  Your questions will be answered in these pages on the subject of entering eternity.

We should be aware that death opens the door to a new and wonderful life where we meet God, our Creator, and this website explores the life of the soul from the moment we draw our last breath in this life, and follows its life into eternity.  It provides insights into how we can prepare for the last moments of life as we live it now, and how this preparation can achieve a peaceful and happy death.

It is a beautiful sermon by a Priest, originally for Catholics, but in this modern age it applies to anyone who has questioned whether or not there is a life after death.   The sermon helps readers understand the Catholic teachings about the next life, and can help all Christians and others to achieve a happy death.  It is an enlightening insight into the joys that can be ours in the hereafter.

 We should keep in mind that "Eye hath not seen or ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man, what things God has prepared for those who love Him" (1Cor.2:9)