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On Entering Eternity

About Us

This website contains an actual Sermon given by a Catholic Priest, and I have held a copy of the Sermon for many years. I do not know the name of the Priest, so am unable to acknowledge him in person, but I do know that over the years he has circulated the sermon to many people, and it has always been his wish that as many people as possible read it and learn from it. I am sure he would be happy that I am following in his footsteps, and distributing his wonderful work.

It is beautiful, and enlightening, and something that not only Christians, but everyone, should read.  It is thought-provoking and a sobering insight into what we can expect in the next life, and there are many joys awaiting us if we follow God's Will and love Him in this life.

When you read through the website, the menu headings relate to each section of the sermon in precise order, and so the items in the menu should be read from left to right.

May you enjoy this work and pass it on to others.