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On Entering Eternity


You and I still have time to contemplate these facts seriously. The light of God's glory shines for us here on earth already now, only it is too often not recognized. It can be recognized only by a humble acceptance of God's words in a Faith resting on grace.  Revelation of divine truths, God's institutions here on earth, such as the true Mass and Sacraments, and laws to govern his children here are all instances of this divine light and glory already now.  How terrible it is to reject any of these, as they are of God and His glory, and what a sure sign that is of eternal ruin for us.

So God reveals and gives us a little of His divine light and life already now, only here we must accept it on Faith, whereas in Heaven it will be plain to see, and will bring great joy for all there, since one's understanding and appreciation will then be supported by God.

As St. John the evangelist, the beloved disciple says, "In Him was life, and the life was the light of men, and the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness grasped it not" (1:4).  The world is darkness, as is the mind of man so often when preoccupied with this darkness, so this divine light is often not seen or appreciated.  Yet the light of God is present already, if only we will see it with the eyes of Faith, i.e., humbly and wholeheartedly accept what we cannot understand and usually not appreciate now.

But if we will not believe God's words and works now, we will not see this light of God in eternity either.  Our failure to atone adequately for our sins, our seeking after pleasures and goods of this world so totally, and many other evils, only assure us there will be punishment to come.  Our failure to pray fervently and often is another sign of future trouble.  One who will not pray well is by that fact showing he does not care for the company of God, there are other matters he prefers.  Such a one will not find that blessed company thrust upon him after death either.  But in our day when there are so many who are in the state of mortal sin, and who do not choose to have God's life and light, His grace and Faith, in them, that punishment will certainly be non-ending in hell, for that is their choice.

How awful it is to tamper with any of God's works, for these are of Heaven and are bringing joy now to the angels and saints there.  Also to be so satisfied with the cheap earthly light of man's wonders, such as T.V., the movie screen and all his deeds, only closes the door to us of the heavenly light of God.  We read of a wondrous new invention claimed by Thos. Edison, when he lit up his house and all the grounds around with electric lights, as a show to others of what man can do.  This was such a marvel compared to the darkness of night-time otherwise, and made others marvel at the earthly paradise being brought about by man.  Of course electricity has done many good things.  But the heavenly light of God is far, far greater, and is referred to often in the Bible as well as other spiritual writings.

This is the light that surrounds God;  a light of intense beauty, so wonderful that it brings tears of joy to the eyes of mortals even at the briefest glimpse, as in near death.  Here there is all truth, all mysteries are contained here, and without end.  There is no obstacle to overcome of strange words or languages for we will know directly and at first hand, and there is the fullness of joy without end for all those found worthy to abide near this heavenly Being and Presence.  But the vast majority of mankind today is satisfied with the cheap lights of this world and is totally engrossed in these.  Would this alone not indicate that they are headed for hell??  One cannot follow the works of satan in this life and then expect to spend eternity with God, as common sense tells us.  He whose company man seeks here below, shall be his companion (if we can call him that), after death and forever and ever.

But God now offers us a little of His divine light of truth and His works.  To reject that light now is to reject it in eternity.  "Beneath, behind and through it all there is the stupendous truth than no man loses God by accident, no man wanders off the road home in spite of himself, no man is in rebellion against the will of God except by his own open declaration of war" (My Way of Life, p.35).  We cannot choose to act in defiance of God's words and works now, and then expect to be in union with Him forever.  Our company then can only be that of him who first defied God.  Each moment of life we make the choice between Heaven and hell.  How precious is then, each moment of time, for all eternity rests on it and our use of it.  "Great riches are found in each moment's choice between Heaven or hell" (My Way of Life).


Then carefully consider your life now:  how it pleases God, how obedient to Him you are, how much you comply with His word, and that in spite of what any man says otherwise.  Obedience to any man is no excuse for disobedience to God.  Many of the Saints had to give their lives for 'the pearl of great price', the true Faith, because it is more valuable than all else, for in it the light of God is found.  Then we too must be prepared to make such a sacrifice for this inestimable treasure.

Also we must obey all of God's laws to the fullest, and receive His institutions, as He instituted them, and not some man-made version of them.  These all we find in the centuries old, and continuous tradition of the Church, in her official teaching in all its sameness and continuity.  Anything new or different cannot be of God, because God does not ever change.

Are you totally loyal to God?  Do you accept all His truths and institutions just as He formed them long ago?  Are you obedient to His Will?  Consider how great is the terrible danger you face.  What a horror to spend eternity in hell!!  How much remorse and regret for what could have been.

How terrible to come before God and recognize that one does not belong in that divine company.  We are made to be with God and in union with Him.  Then let us adore God properly now, that we may share in the wonders of God and the joy of that adoration in eternity.  It is only in truly adoring God that any creature can find happiness, for that is his proper place as a creature.  How wonderful is the reward for true love and fidelity, and how easily it can be ours.  We so easily love creatures now;  then how much easier it should be to love their Creator now too, and to adore Him in the manner He has determined and with the means He has given us.

All of you who have found new and different ways of adoration or whatever, ask yourselves whether you are really adoring God, or perhaps only each other and serving your pleasures.  These ideas which you profess today, so contrary to all tradition, do you think they will win you salvation?  If they, in their entirety, did not come from God, then you who follow them, can only be rejecting God and His works now and in eternity.  It is surely wise to think about this matter;  after death it will be too late.  Don't worry about your neighbour and what he will think;  what does God think of you?

If you are not completely loyal to Almighty God now, you are headed for a harsh judgment.  Our Lord may tell you in judgment, that since you served man so well, get your reward from him too, and that you have already had this reward on earth.  He who seeks Heaven does not seek a reward or acclaim from man.  Rather he quietly serves God first and always, and then trusts in God for a reward, forever in Heaven.

We must always obey God, but of course abuses or misuses of God's authority in man may not be obeyed. 

But God is still a kind Father Who cares for His children on earth and helps them in every way to eternal life, in fact holds it out for us to take.  For those who will take these precious gifts now there is waiting a perfection of happiness, a satisfaction of all desires, in the wonders of life with God in His divine light.