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On Entering Eternity

Death: Separation of Body and Soul

Death then is a separation of body and soul leading to the destruction of the body.  The soul loses its usual means of expression and its normal tool for learning, i.e., its bodily senses and powers.  But that which we had learned and experienced before, remains ours, and what we had done before is done for all time and remains on our record.  Our consciousness becomes far more clear.  Almighty God supplies for the lack of that most useful tool, the body, and we continue without it more active than before.

The life of the soul goes on without any interruption.  The general behaviour and attitudes, loves and hates, that we have acquired and practiced before, remain ours and we will fact our divine Judge with all that on our record, with all our deeds, with all that we have made ourselves to be by our own free choice.

If we have practiced hatred towards our fellow men, that evil remains ours.  If we have had habits of sloth, especially in practices of Faith, that same laziness and indifference will remain.  If we have regularly filled our minds and imaginations with lustful thoughts, our minds and wills remain locked in that evil.  If we have filled our lives with constant seeking after material goods and amassing more wealth, that evil love and false 'god' will still be our great all-possessing goal in eternity.

So it will be with every virtue and vice, every good and evil of life here.  That which we have made our lives to be while we were here on earth, united in soul and body, will remain after death, in our souls, part of our being, and with this we will have to face our divine and infinite Judge.  By our earthly loves, by our decisions, we make ourselves what we finally end up to be.  That which we love forms us, or again, we become that which we love, as we work and sacrifice for it. 

But God loves us and has sacrificed much for us, and even brings us into existence out of love for us and for the plans and goals which He has for us.  How have we loved Him?!