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On Entering Eternity



Surround yourselves with beautiful images of Our Lord and His saints in picture and statue, as constant reminders of Heaven where the saints are, and where you hope to be.  Keep and use blessed sacramentals as means of heavenly grace and divine helps.  Receive the Sacraments truly, and with devotion and frequency, thereby living now in the divine presence in preparation for permanent union with God in Heaven.  Strengthen and preserve your Faith in all God's revelations through your practices of Faith, devout readings and meditation.  Always fulfill God's holy Will as lovingly and perfectly as possible.  Also, humility is a most important virtue for those who hope for Heaven, and closely with it, that of resignation to God's Will.  He who humbly resigns himself into the hands of God, no matter what happens to him, is by that very fact very close to God.

So the veil of this life which stands before eternity is really only a testing ground and a time to prepare.  Let us not fall in love with the veil, and dedicate our time and efforts to it.  "What does it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, but suffer the loss of his own soul" (Mark, 8:36).  It will soon disintegrate for each of us.

This life is a mere preparation for the life to come and therein only lies its importance.  How we live it and cooperate with grace determines our life for all eternity, and that is our real life.