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On Entering Eternity


Death will bring a great revelation to all;  it can be a revelation of God, an eternal Christmas;  instead of an end of life, it should really be only a beginning of a most wonderful life for the blessed.

Every task under God's Will, every suffering, every proper act of love of God, all lead to this most wonderful reward.  So seek God now, but do so wholeheartedly;  love God now, but do so with all your powers and at every opportunity and all the time.  Seek, wait for, and try to acquire now, the divine light of eternity in Faith, rather than be satisfied with the earthly false lights which are around us.

Let us serve the true God always, for that is why He created us;  and let us do so entirely and with the power of His graces, and all His divine means.  No matter what the cost, be ready for Heaven at death.  Let us pray for each other that we may meet again before and with God in eternity, in the eternal light, and be there forever in the most blessed company of the Saints.

A most important prayer for every day should be that of three Hail Mary's for a happy death, as the child turning to its mother for help in this most urgent need.  It is also a great work of charity to pray daily for the dying.  St. Joseph is the patron of the dying;  pray for his intercession with God.  Pray to St. Sylvester, who upon seeing the body of a friend at his funeral, gave up everything and gave himself to penance and prayer because he then realized how passing is this life.  "In order to go straight to Heaven, one must make a close acquaintance with the Queen of Heaven" (Fr. Paul, p.221)

"Eye hath not seen or ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man, what things God has prepared for those who love Him" (1 Cor.2:9)